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Saturday, April 25, 2009


This is my theory on how relationships between a boy and a girl will bloom. It doesn’t customarily work like this but generally, the skeletal frame will be similar. This is from the male perspective because…well…I have a penis so I can’t really write form the females perspective.

When you meet someone there will usually be some kind of chemistry. Be it looks or personality there will always be an initial spark that sets it off between the two people. It isn’t typically the latter; but if you get to know the person well then it may be. Commonly if you find that the initial meeting went well then you may move onto the next round. I’d advise to not jump the gun and move there right away because you’ll look keen as; a few more meetings down the track would be a safer bet.

Once you pass that stage you may then advance to the texting/phone call/msn stage (any kind of communication really); in my opinion this stage can make or break you. This is where you lay the foundation for the future, and (if you play your cards right) here you can look like the most awesome cunt ever to this lass. Don’t flood her phone with messages and missed calls because you’ll look like el creepo, and we don’t want that. Only a certain level of keenness should be taken; too much and you’ll freak the girl out, too little and you get nowhere.

If things go well there then the next stage would be to organize a meeting, this may be either in a group or solo. Talk to her and get to know her better (and also so she can get to know you better). I’m pretty sure that if it advances to this stage then she’ll suspect that you’re keen on her; although I’ve noticed that when it reaches this stage, a majority of my female friends are habitually oblivious to this fact. I don’t know why but maybe it’s the whole “it’s happening to me so I’m going to be ignorant” syndrome; generally from the outside looking in, you can usually tell that the dude is “le eager” (that’s French for keen). Fiona, however, is not an example of the “IGNORANT syndrome” because she thinks every dude is keen on her (LOL).

There are a lot of factors to consider but in theory if things go well… then bang, you’re in; if not then you’re gone. The game’s over and you should give up; don’t continue to beat a dead horse, its dead leave the poor animal alone!

Usually when a prospect presents itself you must make a choice. You have to decide to whether or not you will advance to the next level or stop here. This decision must be made as soon as possible because if you doddle for too long and procrastinate (because of whatever reasons you have for dragging your feet) then you will lose that opportunity; and losing that opening is one of the shittest feelings ever. There is nothing worse than meeting that girl again and thinking, “me and her could’ve been something”. Don’t try to revive the spark again because well… dead horse. I’ve had some dead horses in my life; I’m a very regretful person.


Ritzy said...

lewl nice opening..

bwhhaahha. im pretty sure that perspective is the same as a girls pov.

...well mine anyway =P besides the randomly flying of sparks hahha =P

Peter said...

Nice information.. I just lol'd at the dead horse ... (not sure if that's sane)

wintersakura said...

I laughed at the dead horse bit too... o_o

Michael said...

beat that dead horse.