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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Art Students and why I don’t like them.

Ok this is a bad generalization but I’m not fond of some art students, alot of them are alright but I dislike the ones that get all sassy and try to psycho-analyze you. I recently had an encounter with an art student from VU on Friday and, to be honest, it was a pretty exasperating experience. Basically what she said, in a nutshell, was “my boyfriend is more intelligent than you” (referring to my friend Branko and I), “my boyfriend can analyze people very well, he’ll analyze you two and I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t be impressed” etc… which I found to be very uncouth. Ok it didn’t go EXACTLY like that but you can paint the picture yourself.

She then went on to explain why he’s more intelligent than us. The body of her argument was that he’s had more “life experience” and that he knew shit. Shit like how the ancient Egyptians lived, how the Inca pyramids were constructed; general knowledge crap like that. Well fuck I know shit too, do you want me to explain how a goddamn building stands up? I’m a motherfucking engineer; I design buildings that you live in. Appreciate that you cunter.

I’d like to see you calculate the spacing between steel N12 reinforcement ligs in a concrete beam. Please go ahead; I’d like to see you do that. Yeah that's right you can’t. For about 160 million years dinosaurs were the largest most successful animals on land. See I know useless crap as well; someone give me a PhD. for being able to floccinaucinihilipilificate this piece of information. Yeah go google it.

She was also writing an essay about how the South American coffee bean plantation owners are losing money because big corporations are taking over their business; that's great, super. We should buy shit that's made by small businesses so they can feed their families and I understand that, fucking wonderful.

I can do what you do, I'm learned and shit like that; give me some research material and I’ll write the most awesome essay EVER about fucking coffee bean plantations and their knackered money problems. I’m not an idiot, I can write shit; I can structure essays and provide evidence to support my god damn arguments. Throw some stats in, people love fucking statistics. "56.75% of self owned coffee bean plantations are making 25% less annually in 2008 than they were in 2007", there’s some goddamn stats right there. OK I just made that up but you get the idea. Thesaurus some words to make you sound intelligent and you have an A grade essay, give me a fucking H1.

I’m not making the claim that I’m smarter than anyone or vice versa, I just found it to be a dickhead move for some douche-nozzle to make such a statement; especially since she had just met me on the day. Fuck your philosophical psycho-analyzing motherfucker boyfriend as well. I have friends who do art/sci, comm/arts, eng/arts, arts, and they’re cool; they’re smart and all that. But fuck you if you want to be a cunter about it. Don't be so rude.

A girl drinking coffee, lets hope that she didn't buy it from Nestle or whatever.


F said...

"I design buildings that you live in."

Hey hey hey...leave that to us architects alright. Otherwise we're out of a job, literally.

But yeah, regardless you'll find tards like this from every course/profession. I could say the same for some engineers out there.

Hopefully you don't have another one of these psycho-analysis conversations with her.

Ritzy said...

wahh.. im an art student Y_Y

hahaa. but yer.. its REALLY annoying when the whole psycho-analysis thingy happens verbally.. i mean we all do it in our head..but ugh..

all the best with ya exams!!!
in awe at how anyone could possibly stick to an engineering disipline.. too many numbers make my head hurties ><

Allan Vo said...

engineers and architects do different things.

Michael said...

I'm awesome and you know it.

Brown Bear said...

You have aroused my wrath bigg bear tell me where to find this bitch she can free trade her face with my southpaw

Anonymous said...

I'm an art student. Analyzing is a very broad concept. Lots of people of different professions can analyze too, i don't see how that makes one intelligent.

That girl deserves a slap on the face. And a group anal session from engineers.

SunsetFlare~[Lyn] said...

mmh, she sounds like a wank.

Peter said...

she deserves to get mauled by brown bear and her boyfriend too.. make sure they are beyond recognisable

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty cool too.

Anonymous said...

oh really?

Anonymous said...

yeah i am.
i'm not a wank.

Anonymous said...

Hi Allan.

I'm in love with Peter.
Can you please give me his contact details?


Anonymous said...

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vincema said...