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Sunday, May 24, 2009

MY Perfect Girl:

On the topic of perfect girls, I’ve always mentioned little bits and pieces of the type of girl I’d want in my previous posts but never something definitive. I think I’ll list my criterion now, but it’s probably going to change when I get older.

Height wise I’d like her to be around 175, although any other number is fine but the optimum is 175. Why? Because with heels on she’ll be close to 185 (which is my height); that means she’ll be eye to eye with me which is pretty awesome. I won’t have to bend over to hear her talk or whatever, it just works out. Also my kids will be tall because tall + tall = tall or taller, I do engineering/science and majoring in math so don’t try to argue with my calculations here. 175+ heels will give her an elegant/pretty look for an Asian girl which really does it for me.

When it comes to personality I’d prefer a good girl; I’ve stated previously that personality is the body to a girlfriend cake. Loud rowdy girls make me cringe, quiet and well mannered girls make me smile; being sensible and having proper manners will go a long way. There’s a number of reasons behind this but the main two are: If I introduce her to my parents, if she’s raucous, they’d hit the roof; that goes double for my dad, so if I want them to get along well then she needs those attributes. Number two would be that I’m not keen on having a problematic girlfriend; I know every relationship will have problems but if they’re dealt with in the wrong way then it’s not going to last long. Things like whether we can sustain a conversation, if she spouts nonsense out of her mouth or not, and what her future prospects are will play a big role. Also no sluts allowed.

Face wise I’m not fuss, aslong as she doesn’t look like a foot I don’t care; but preferably big eyes, double eyelids, broad nose bridge, pointy nose, nice jawline, and fairly pale. If she smiles (and I mean naturally, none of this fake smile bullshit) and it makes me smile then that’s a good sign, a good smile also goes a long way.

Dress sense, hair, and makeup aren’t needed. These things can be taught LOL.

This girl's my type (especially when she smiles), BANG!

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cc said...

wow ur description of a perfect girl is soooo detailed haha!!